God is Our Shepherd

Hello friends.  I apologize for the lack of updates on life.  It is difficult to find time to blog in the midst of all that is going on.  I have had numerous ideas bouncing around in my head that I have considered writing on, including one almost finished blog that I should have up soon.  However, the church meeting that took place on Saturday has eclipsed all other blog possibilities at the moment.

The organic church meetings that I have been to up to this point have all been amazing, revealing the ways that God is moving in His bride.  So, as I highlight this meeting, do not think I have not enjoyed the meetings but that this one was even more incredible than the others that I have been a part of.

First, I must explain how a typical Saturday functions, if I haven’t already.  The only direction of the meetings that we participate in are through the direction of the Holy Spirit.  This includes the songs that are sung and what is shared, although what is shared is usually the outgrowth of how the Lord has been working in us all throughout the week.  Sometimes there  are defined singing and sharing sections, though they often intermingle in other meetings.  Although the meetings flow this way, we still meet on the first Saturday of each month to decide, through the guidance of the Spirit, what each meeting will focus on.  This week’s meeting was a “Bring a Treasure” meeting, which basically means we can bring anything that we have seen Christ in recently.

As soon as we started singing, it was beyond amazing to see how Christ directed the whole evening.  The songs that people asked to sing all flowed together, each conveying the overwhelming vastness of Christ, Who is continually revealing Himself to us more and more in each moment of each day, yet we will never reach the end of His vastness.  The joy among the saints as we were singing was simply electric.  Even the Scripture passages that people shared, flowed perfectly with what we were expressing with our singing.

Not only was the singing directed by the Lord, but as we began sharing, it was evident that He was directing what would be shared and when.  As people began sharing, it was evident that the Lord had been reminding us that He is Comfort, Peace, our sustenance, and our Shepherd, not dependent on what life is like, but always.  This was continually brought up in different ways, even poetry, by numerous people, including myself.

I had prepared to play a song on my guitar to the community this week.  There has been a song continually on my mind for the past months, which has continually been reminding me of the Peace  that can only be found in God alone, even in the midst of the craziness of work.  It is the song “House of God Forever” by Jon Foreman.

When I felt it was time to get up and get my guitar ready, I moved to the back corner to get ready.  In the mean time, a sister began sharing how she had been thinking of the nature of God’s rod and staff, which directs us and pulls us out of danger, as well as comforts us.  So, completely independent of each other, we both had brought something on the same Scripture passage.  I played my song  and even after that, others brought even more on Psalm 23 that they had discovered this week.  The evening continued to flow around this topic, from many different angles, and it was simply beautiful and it will be a meeting I will not forget.

It is difficult to fully describe how this evening played out but it was fully the movement of Christ through His people in an undeniable way.  I hope this has given you a glimpse of what one evening looks like and I would encourage anyone who may be curious about organic church to not hesitate to ask me.


~ by hardybeefstew on March 21, 2011.

11 Responses to “God is Our Shepherd”

  1. Yes, sir! Your song was fantastic, and I loved how everything fit together throughout the entire evening. Christ is amazing!

    • I really loved what you and your family shared. Indeed, the half of the riches found in Christ cannot even be imagined.

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing this. Christ is amazing!!

    • I’m happy to share this with everyone. It is amazing seeing the way He reveals Himself to His people, His bride.

  3. Thanks for sharing. It was a great meeting. Oh, and apology accepted. :-p

    • Thank you for being so gracious, Mark. 😉 I really enjoyed what you had to share to about the Jewish wedding customs. It really gave me a lot to think about in preparation for our Lord’s Supper coming up.

  4. Once again, Marc, I have enjoyed reading your blog. I know how difficult it can be to put into words something that is supernaturally woven together. Even though I did not experience what you did last Saturday night, you have conveyed an expression of Christ that has encouraged me. Thanks!

  5. Thanks Mary Anne. You are always so encouraging and I love hearing your input on things. I’m really looking forward to when you are Larry are going to be visiting.

  6. Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing:)

    • You are very welcome. I will definitely continue to share more in the future, as I am able to.

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