A New Year in Organic Church Life

It seems appropriate to post a short blog about a few things going on with me.

First, a quick announcement.  I am going to be participating in a multi-part, multi-blog project with several of the saints here in Gainesville.  My post is going to be going live on January 25 but all of the posts in this series are going to be absolutely incredible.  Every person who is participating is a beautiful portion of the Lord and I consider myself fortunate to share in the Lord with them each week.

Here is the introduction for the whole series, which includes links to all of the blogs involved, and here is the first post, both of which are by a dear brother who is always passionate about the Lord.

As for the general stuff going on in life, I have a quite a bit going on.  I am still working for Starbucks which, as always, the Lord has used to bring incredible revelations of Himself into my life.  The most significant of these has been simply Himself and small encouragements to turn to Him throughout the day to continually learn to depend on His life and not my own.

On a somewhat work related note, I am seriously pursuing going back to school this next summer.  I am going to begin taking classes to fulfill the requirements to eventually enter medical school in a few years. This seems really strange considering that I just got out of school, and seminary at that, but I’ve always had a good head for science and want to be involved in a career where I can be fully available to the Lord to move anywhere, if necessary, and so I will be able to provide for the body as much as possible.

The most significant reason for writing this post is: I have officially been sharing in organic church life for one year now.

Even though I spent six-and-a-half years in college and seminary, continually learning more about God, which should supposedly have been an incredible time.  However, this past year has been the richest and most incredible year of my life.  I have experienced the Lord in amazing ways: what He has done in and through the body but also in my life.  I have come to understand my life,  including my past, in a whole new light: the reality of being in Christ and Christ in me.  It has released me from a guilt I never knew I was even carrying and the Lord teaching me to embrace the reality of the cross in order to continually learn to live by His life and not my own.

I know this is just a short update, in lieu of how long my blogging absence has been, but I thought it would good to post a little something for those interested as well as the people who may be reading my blog for the first time.

I would encourage you to check back on the 25th for my next blog, which has been one of the biggest things I have learned in organic church life.


~ by hardybeefstew on January 11, 2012.

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